TEKMedia Communications, Inc. -- Confidence. Competence. Excellence

TEKMedia Communications is an independent Voice over IP and Information Technology consulting firm that combines technical excellence with a confident understanding of business process and business reality. Since 1998, we have helped small and medium-sized companies implement VoIP information technology infrastructures that deliver real business value.

Three words set us apart from our competitors:


We realize that your business is not information technology. We understand that technology is not a strategy in itself; technology is a platform to support your business. We acknowledge that technology solutions which do not advance your business goals are not real solutions, but real problems.


We build solutions around proven technologies, with careful adherence to established technical standards and guidelines as well as industry best practices. Adherence to standards is your best assurance that our solutions will deliver real business value to your business bottom line.


The supreme standard is customer satisfaction. The only sound solution is the one that meets your needs precisely. We are committed to fully satisfying your technology and business requirements each and every time. At the end of every project, we don't decide if our solutions work — you do.

To get the most out of your communications and technology investments, call 832.789.9540 today, or send e-mail to info@tekmedia.com to learn how TEKMedia Communications' technical expertise meets your company's needs.