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For want of a nail a shoe was lost...
For want of a shoe a horse was lost...
For want of a horse a rider was lost...
For want of a rider a battle was lost...
For want of a battle a kingdom was lost...
And all for want of a nail!

This simple folk saying dates back to the 15th century, yet its lesson is perhaps more relevant in this technological age than in any previous one. The smallest details, if overlooked, are sufficient to ruin the grandest design. A bug is one single line of code—or less—yet it can ruin the most elaborate application.

Projects succeed when one masters the details; projects fail when one ignores the details. This is the order of things.

Attention to detail needs neither grand management schemes nor fancy terminology. It needs no acronyms. It needs no "proprietary" methodologies. Attention to detail needs only a simple, honest, disciplined approach to project management and implementation.

At TEKMedia Communications, our design and project management methods emphasize the importance of detail. Our project proposals begin with clear and comprehensive descriptions of your existing infrastructure and environment; they include a concise statement of project goals and objectives. We explicitly state all assumptions. We provide a complete list of all deliverables.

As a project moves into the implementation phase, we work with you to establish precise timelines for project completion, and provide clear statements of what work done in each step. We provide ongoing project tracking and updates, to maintain good lines of communication. Finally, upon project completion, we solicit customer feedback, to ensure we have met project goals and objectives.

Attention to detail is our method for ensuring your constant satisfaction.