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Infrastructure Design Services

Network Infrastructure Design Networks add value to a business when applications are available and performing well. Networks subtract value from a business when applications are not available or do not perform well.

As with all things, good networking begins with a good design. Application availability and performance are not accidents; they are the result of proper planning.

Design Objectives
While the components of the well-designed network will vary, every well-designed network emphasizes certain key principles:

  • Consistent high performance
    In the well-designed network, the only thing better than speed is more speed. The unalterable reality of any application is that it requires data in order to function; when an application must wait on the network for that data, that application will not perform as well as it could. The well-designed network acknowledges this, and makes high data transfer rates and low latencies top priorities.

  • Reliability and Availability
    In order to achieve high performance consistently, the well-designed network must perform consistently. Speed does not happen when the network is down. Applications do not perform when the network is off-line. The well-designed network is not only fast, but stable, functional, and consistently available.

  • Enable Services
    Networks are communications tools—nothing more, and certainly nothing less. The success of any network hinges on the extent to which that network facilitates communications among its users. A successful network makes business life easier for its users.

  • Cost efficiency
    Networks cost money. This much is unavoidable. No company has unlimited funds, and so the well-designed network, as with all prudent investments, must be scaled to match available budgets. Sound network design differentiates between those elements that are vital to network success and those elements which are merely desirable. The well-designed network achieves network success without draining corporate coffers.

  • Simplicity
    Albert Einstein once said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." This truth is especially appropriate in network design. Technology is only valuable to the extent that it enhances something else. Networks are valuable only to the extent they enhance core business activities. Network elements that do not enhance core business activities add needless complexity, cost, and maintenance burdens. The well-designed network eliminates such waste by remaining simple and straightforward. The well-designed network implements only those technologies and services which improve core business operations, resulting in either more revenue or less cost.

At TEKMedia Communications, our network design efforts focus explicitly on these basic principles. We pride ourselves on delivering networks that improve your business.

Most importantly, we do not recommend technologies merely because they are new. We recommend only those technologies which will best enhance your business and your bottom line. We do not deploy technology for its own sake, but for your sake.