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Technology ImplementationNetwork designs that exist only on paper contribute nothing to a company's bottom line. For quality design to achieve business benefit, it must first be translated into reality—into actual (and functioning) hardware and software. Once technology designs are completed, it still remains for someone to do the "heavy lifting" of obtaining the requisite components and integrating them into a fully functioning network.

As in all things, a successful implementation of a network design is no accident. Successful projects require rigorous discipline, planning, and organization. Successful projects demand skill and dedication from all persons involved. From these attributes come the desire to execute, the will to win.

"Amateurs talk strategy; professionals discuss logistics."
Organizational planning recognizes three complementary disciplines: strategy, tactics, and logistics. With respect to information technology, strategy describes the broad business objectives a company seeks to achieve through technology; tactics is about the specific actions taken in furtherance of those objectives; logistics covers procurement, maintenance, and transportation.

The reality of planning is simply this: Even a poor strategy can succeed with great logistics, but a great strategy can never succeed with poor logistics. As important as strategy is to success, logistics is even more essential. Bad logistics lose battles for generals; bad logistics lose time and money for CIOs. The overarching objective for every technology project is to develop and maintain great logistics.

At TEKMedia Communications, we are passionate about mastering the logistics of technology. We complement our technical expertise with disciplined mastery of the little details buried within every project:

  • Who is to be assigned to the project?
  • What is the proper order for hardware and software installation and configuration?
  • When should the hardware and software be ordered? When must it arrive?
  • Where will various components be deployed?
  • How (from whom) should the equipment be ordered?

We take care to completely answer these and other logistics questions before starting any project. At TEKMedia, we reject any notion of improvisational engineering as a pathway to success. Our implementation methodology is simple:

  • We research.
  • We plan.
  • We organize.
  • We succeed.

With TEKMedia assisting, your company will attain the effective, efficient, economical network your business requires.