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Voice Over IP Solutions

Voice Over IPChanging to Voice over IP is an investment of potentially tens of thousands of dollars to boost your company's competitive posture. However, in order to ensure a successful implementation, both your network and your company has to be ready to handle the demands of VoIP. If you have been considering a VoIP solution for your enterprise, TEKMedia can help you get the right solution off the ground and make the transition as smooth as possible.

The advantages of installing a VoIP communications system are many — reduced monthly operating costs, easy administration via intuitive user interfaces, mobility, and access by multiple locations. All of these benefits add up to greater productivity, allowing employees to work anywhere via telephone, broadband network, or video, 24 by 7 customer service, and minimal real estate requirements.

Yet every VoIP installation has inherent risks and stringent requirements for maximum efficacy. Does your network have sufficient bandwidth to handle the flow of data and voice? Is it properly tuned to maintain call quality and continual service? Is there sufficient back-up power in place so that you never miss a single call? With over twenty years of experience in voice and data network consulting, TEKMedia can step in to guide you through the complexities of VoIP and help you make an informed decision. Whether the solution is "on premise" or "in the cloud," TEKMedia delivers services that will support your decision-making process, manage a successful installation, set up a performance and cost tracking process, and train internal resources to maintain the systems.

Because VoIP systems generally require that multiple vendors and systems work collaboratively and cooperatively, a detailed project plan and clear communication is absolutely essential for success. As your VoIP project lead, TEKMedia will work closely with all of the vendors involved to ensure a smooth installation along with careful monitoring and control of ongoing costs. As an objective consultant, TEKMedia's only interest is to serve your best interests. In addition to VoIP, TEKMedia has extensive experience in all major brands of networking hardware and is expert at designing and managing the installation of physical infrastructure including wiring, power, and data circuits. You may be assured that your VoIP implementation will be on time, on budget, and problem-free in TEKMedia's experienced hands.

VoIP Consulting Services Include:
  • VoIP Assessments/System Design:
    Researching total implementation costs, including required hardware, software and bandwidth; estimating anticipated savings to be realized from handling enterprise phone calls, conference calls and video conference calls over a converged network; estimating the cost of upgrading the network to ensure robust performance and reliability for handling phone service, including 911 emergency calls.

  • Project Management for VoIP Installations:
    Managing testing and training on the new system; creating a project task list and timeline; leading project meetings and provide leadership throughout the transition process; liquidation of all legacy equipment.

  • Outsourced VoIP Systems Management:
    Handling customer requests for moves, adds and changes; monitoring warranty and service contract issues; troubleshooting and resolving problems; creating and tracking annual budgets and controlling costs.

At TEKMedia Communications, we focus explicitly on designing and implementing VoIP solutions that keep telecommunications costs to a minimum while making intensive use of the network potentials within the technology.

Most importantly, we do not recommend VoIP technologies merely because they are trendy. We recommend VoIP solutions only when there is clear business benefit. As with all our solutions, we do not deploy VoIP for its own sake, but for your sake.